Friday, 27 December 2013

Desert Safari Dubai Excited the Players- A Fully Thrilling Entertainment

Golfers team that represented the Ladies European Tour excited with a memorable Arabian experience to the fore of Omega Dubai Ladies Masters as they also enjoyed the “Sundowner” Evening Desert Safari Dubai. A specific number of players planned for this trip, the group includes Virginia Espejo of Spain, LET rookies Marina Salinas belongs to Peru, Mireia Prat who has been seen in the decent access series Order of Merit champion, Klara Spilkova belongs to Czech Republic, and all these people went to experience Arabian Safari Adventure. They began this enticing journey from the sand dunes in exclusive 4x4 vehicles deep into the heart of Dubai Desert.

 The Dubai Desert Safari trip includes a camel riding, exclusive falconry show, delicious feast under the stars in most traditional and attractive Bedouin-style camp. The players also avail the chance to perform their foxhole expertise in possibly the world’s largest sand ambush. A pack of three players has performed in Omega Dubai Ladies Masters competition for the first time. Specifically Prat feels that this is because of her amazing season on 2013 LET Access Series as she told, “It’s my first time visiting the desert and it’s incredible to be here. I am really enjoying it.” On the other hand, Salinas added comments saying, “It’s even better than I expected. I’m really excited about the camel riding!”

Espejo also get inspired by these continuous thrills, dribbles the rollercoaster dune ride, and said “It’s completely different: a lot of sliding and it was a lot of fun.” This highly esteemed tournament organized under the sponsorship of Haya Bint Al Hussein, spouse of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of  Dubai. All players described the thrill of Evening Desert Safari Dubai with positive remarks.

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Visit the City of Contrasts Dubai: The hot sand and icy snow in a Mall

If you are in a romantic mood and want to spend your vacations in best spot then Dubai must be your first and last choice. This offers you stay in the best hotel along with best spa treatment. Though for a large number of travelers who takes their trip of Europe for them Dubai is mere a layover, with an inspiring airport loaded with amazing stock duty free stores and full fashioned boutiques. However, people who want to spend some days in the city for them it is best choice as this unfolds a wide range of experiences along with one or two superlatives linked with them. This is city with hot Desert Safari Dubai and also have world highest tower. The desert offers you to spend a memorable evening and surprising Dune Bashing. On the other hand on this hot temperature tourists can see the freeze ski loft inside the mall!!!

Dry Heat 

If you are visiting Dubai for the first time then must you prepare yourself because this is the pervasive dry heat in Emirate. Before your departure, you will be informed about the temperature so you can use comfortable clothes. The view of the Dubai is inspiring as you see the towering buildings and mesmerizing views in night. The most amazing part of this trip is the visit of the Evening Desert Safari where you see the real Arabian Adventure and Arabic ladies in traditional costumes. Though whole Dubai is lingered with dry heat but in this all the Arabs has sketched a line of thrill by maintaining some Dhow Cruise Dinner and ride on water taxi.

Superlative Ice in the Mall

The Dubai Mall is the biggest landmark of Emirate that invites you to take a glide into a charming winter wonderland at Dubai Ice rank. This has gigantic size proportions, it doesn’t matter you want to learn skating or want to make perfect your techniques you can enjoy playing ice hockey and enjoy this coolest place held in Dubai with your friends. This is another type of entertainment like Dhow Cruise Marina and Musandam Dibba Oman